Welcome to the NuGet Docs. As the name implies, this site contains all the information that you will need to get up and running with NuGet, whether you are new to NuGet and need information for installing and managing packages, whether you are a seasoned contributor to one of the NuGet projects, or whether you are at some point in between.

Based on the amount and diversity of content, the site has been organized into 3 top level content groups based on the top 3 types of ways in which people tend to experience NuGet: as a package consumer, a package creator, or a project contributor. Please select one of these options to begin exploring the related body of content.

Finally, please note that this site itself is an open source project, and contains the wealth of information that it does because people like you have contributed to it. If you find any information that is incorrect on the site, or if there is a topic that you believe should be added to the site, please visit our GitHub repository and either file an issue on the issue tracker or, better yet, send us a pull request and contribute your knowledge to the rest of the NuGet community.